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Women are Unique.

You Need a Plan that Works WITH your Physiology



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It's time you start training & fueling like a girl

Women are different, and our unique physiology requires that we approach nutrition in a way that considers our monthly and lifetime shifts in hormones. At THRIVE, we work with women to develop customized nutrition plans that combine Sports Nutrition with the integrative approach of Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine so that you have more energy, recover faster, and feel better. 

Fueling your active lifestyle is only one piece of the puzzle. There are often underlying imbalances that can get in the way of athletic performance which may include hormonal imbalances, GI distress, and other stressors that can sabotage both your health and performance! Through applying the Functional Medicine lens, THRIVE aims to restore balance so that you can achieve your fitness goals and continue to lead a healthy, active life!

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