Fueling Performance Starts Here

I Want To:

  • Have the energy to get the most out of my training

  • Recover better between sessions

  • Prevent digestive issues during long training sessions

  • Learn how to fuel my high-intensity and endurance events

  • Get my period back!

  • Address my whole body health so I can feel better, move better, live better

  • Stop chasing social media trends & understand what works for MY body

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The Thrive Wellness 365 Approach


Gather baseline information on  nutrition, health, movement history during initial consultation.

Re-Assess & Recalibrate

Your body & life are not static, nor is your wellness plan. Routine check-ins allow for plan adjustments to ensure you stay on-track.

Prioritization & Goals

Analyze baseline information, prioritize findings, and work together to identify goals and prioritization.

Maintain Balance

Develop a long-term optimizing health plan to keep you functioning your best. This is also where we can begin dialing in and focusing on any performance goals.

Develop Plan

Develop a short and long-term plan to begin addressing the root causes of imbalance or to optimize health. 


We want you to feel confident and successful in maintaining your health & performance goals over the long term by understanding the underlying principles.