• Katie M., MS, CN, NTP

Your Period is NOT a Taboo Topic

The rumors are true! More and more female athletes are talking publicly about their periods and it's starting to gain traction as seen in yesterday article published in the Wall Street Journal, "More Female Athletes Talk About a Taboo: Their Periods. "

The fact of the matter is that up until now, any discussion around a women's menstrual cycle was something shunned from prime time discussion. Unfortunately, this squashed awareness around the importance of maintaining a healthy cycle, how it impacts performance, and no doubt created confusion among many female athletes and coaches.

Well, now the tides are shifting and we can talk about periods, pms, and performance on social media! Female athletes around the world are talking openly about their monthly cycles and how it impacts their performance. Additionally, the discussion around NOT HAVING a period each month is being pushed center stage.

Also known as Functional Amenorrhea, the absence of a monthly menstrual cycle is NOT normal and effort should be made to identify the underlying cause and re-establish a cycle. Functional amenorrhea is not uncommon in female athletes, but this does not mean that it is normal or healthy. In fact, functional amenorrhea has been linked to increased cardiovascular risk and increased risk for osteoporosis. While there is no overnight fix, it IS possible to get your cycle back (I say this from both personal and professional experience). Recognize that it will take time and changes will need to be made, but this doesn't mean you need to STOP your sport.

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Reference: https://www.wsj.com/articles/more-female-athletes-talk-about-a-taboo-their-periods-11574082004

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