• Katie M., MS, CN, NTP

Women are NOT little men

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

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Pretty obvious, right? If that were the case, then why are most studies involving male athletes applied to women? Do you know why this is done? Because according to the research community, women and their hormones are too complicated! So all those books, blog articles, and research quoted in the magazines is often data from all-male studies that has been adjusted to the female body size.

Shocked? Yep, I was too. No way is my body anything like a man, and no way does my body respond the same way through the month as a mans. Our hormones make us unique and special! It's important that we start to recognize this fact and start making recommendations based off of what the research shows for WOMEN physiology.

One of the leading researchers in female exercise science is Stacy Sims, PhD. Dr. Sims has been paving the way on research design for the female athlete so that we can better understand the fueling and recovery needs. I highly recommend reading her book ROAR which is filled with a thorough explanation of the multitude of differences between the male and female athlete, as well as exercises, nutrient considerations around your monthly cycle and more.

It's important to remember that we are NOT little men and that fueling our fitness requires special considerations. Did you know that during menstruation, many women experience a change in bowel habits. This can be addressed by adjusting fluid intake, increasing electrolytes and possibly even adding in some magnesium citrate. This is where Functional Nutrition shines! Let's use FOOD and NUTRIENTS to provide the support your body needs to correct imbalances and help you hit your fitness goals.

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